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EVE-NG in LXC on Proxmox

EVE-NG has multiple deployment methods with mostly references to starting from an iSO or OVF. You can also start from a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 install, then run the installation script to install EVE-NG. You can see these instructions in the Pro or Community Cookbook. The ability to start from an Ubuntu install and then install EVE-NG on top means we can install it inside an LXC container! However, it’s not as simple due to the fact a LXC container is NOT a virtual machine.


PicOS-V is the free virtual machine provided by Pica8 that allows you to experiment with their NOS. Having virtual images for various NOS is hugely beneficial for learning. PicOS is the one I’ve recently stumbled upon. A GNS3 qcow2 image is provided as well as directions for loading it into GNS3. However nothing for EVE-NG is provided, but fortunately it’s easy to create a custom template and get it loaded in.

Cloud Images in EVE-NG

EVE-NG has documentation on how set up Linux nodes, but provides prepared images. This is helpful, but the latest Ubuntu image is 20.04.2 and we don’t know the origins of these images. Fortunately, it’s easy to get Ubuntu and Debian cloud images working in EVE-NG Create Custom Template We will need to create a custom template as we will want some options that aren’t specified in the Linux one # linux-cloud.